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Standing on one of the Finisterre Europe, known in antiquity as the end of the inhabited world, the São Vicente Cape and Ponta de Sagres are the boundary of a region known to the Romans as Promontorium Sacrum .

Its significant strategic geographical importance is characterized by climatic conditions in the Atlantic and Mediterranean influence, and a variety of soils. These particular regional characteristics led to the existence of lush flora, with an abundance of native species.

One of the major bird migration routes up Europe crosses this region, as a point of passage between the northern and southern hemispheres. Seabirds are also joined by thousands to this migration near the coast, many of them remaining, nesting on the cliffs.

The physical environment of the promontory, a natural vantage point about 70 meters high, facing a powerful seascape west, where the sky and the sea on the horizon together, offer a tempting invitation to contemplation of visitors.
At the end of this hallowed territory from prehistory, where a large number of menhirs confirms this evidence, Christians were devoted to São Vicente.



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Since the fifteenth century, with the development of Maritime Navigation...

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